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Move-in / Out Cleaning Services

Rosa's Cleaning Service LLC provides efficient and quality move-in or move-out cleaning at affordable rates. Our skilled cleaning team will leave your old home in top notch condition and guarantee that your new home is ready – all you have to do is unpack! The first choice of property managers and realty companies, Rosa's Cleaning Service LLC provides deep cleaning, disinfecting and gets rid of disarray in each room of your old or new home.


Comprehensive Moving Cleaning Services

Often when moving, we do not think of everything that needs to be done. There is so much happening during the move that it is easy to forget the things in the background. After the large items are packed and gone, there is usually a lot of clutter left behind.

If you are in a situation where you need to move out fast and ensure a clean environment for the next tenant, our services are here for you. If you are moving into a place where the previous tenant wasn't as considerate and left a messy home for you, our services are perfect for that very situation.

Here, we've put together a helpful checklist to show you what we will help you clean upon moving in or out.

The Rosa's Cleaning Service LLC moving checklist:

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Carpet and floor vacuumed and washed
  • Countertops and shelves disinfecting
  • Appliance cleaning (Stove, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, toaster coffeemaker)
  • Trash clean-up and disposal
  • Walls and baseboard cleaning
  • Cabinet cleaning inside and out
  • Sink and backsplash clean
  • Door, frames, light switches, and doorknobs cleaning
  • Complete dusting of all surfaces
  • Window washing exterior and interior

Your kitchen will be spotless and ready to use. There will be no fowl surprises of rotting food when you move into your new place. Surfaces will be ready to dine off, and cupboards will be ready for storing plates, glasses, and pantry goods. Get in touch today to learn more about our kitchen cleaning services.


  • Walls and countertops thoroughly cleaned
  • Mirrors, glass doors cleaned
  • Sink disinfecting
  • Bathtub, shower stalls, tubs cleaned and sanitized
  • Toilet sanitized inside and out
  • Toilet disinfected

The bathroom is a sacred space in any home. We know just how important first impressions are, and that is why we will take great care in ensuring the bathroom you are leaving behind is spotless, and we will do the same for the one you are moving into.

Make no mistake about it, Rosa's Cleaning Service LLC never misses a spot. And in a place as important as the bathroom – we will make sure it is fit for a queen.


  • Floors and carpets vacuumed and washed
  • Complete dusting of all surfaces
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Closets cleaned and sanitized inside and out
  • Window cleaning exterior and interior
  • Walls & baseboard cleaning

Your bedrooms will be clean and tidy and with no resemblance to anyone being there beforehand. We will clean, scrub and wash every surface, disinfect, and deodorize. The following person to move in, especially if it is you, will be impressed with our results. Get in touch today to take advantage of our incredible and affordable move-in/move-out cleaning services.

All Living Areas Will Be Cleaned

When it comes to completing your move-in/move-out cleaning requirement, we will not spare any effort. We offer a complete scrub-down of any space you are either moving out of or into.

We provide the complete cleaning of all living areas including the basement, playrooms and laundry room.

Whether you are moving in, or moving out of a home or apartment in the Fairbanks area, Rosa's Cleaning Service LLC provides cleaning packages that can include partial interior or exterior cleaning.

You can count on us to deliver spotless results for your cleaning services. Join our long list of satisfied clients and contact us for your move-in/move-out cleaning needs. You won't believe the convenience that having our professional services sweep through your future or former property will bring.

Customize your services and focus on moving, not cleaning.

Designed to meet and surpass the requirements of regulatory inspections on any move out checklist.

Rely on our team to ensure your property is ready for any tenant or occupant. We spare no expense in getting every last inch of your property cleaned, so it looks its best after you are gone or before you arrive.

We look forward to impressing you as we have done with so many previous clients. Our friendly phone representatives will be glad to organize a cleaning service for your moving date. Call ahead of time to ensure you have us exactly when you need us.

Call Rosa's Cleaning Service LLC for a fresh start on your move. (907) 456-4813

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